What we Recycle

Hi Tech Recyclers is continually striving to keep up with the demand of electronics in need of recycling each year. Currently Alberta has an environmental surcharge that is added to electronics purchased in order to help with the cost of recycling them when they become old and unusable. The Alberta Recycling Program covers many electronics and is working on adding more eligible electronics in the future. Below are the currently Approved Recyclables collected. Hi Tech Recyclers is also committed to recycling as many electronics as possible so we also collect OTHER ineligible products in order to keep any hazardous electronics out of landfills. If you have any questions about the products we recycle please contact us.

What we recycle?

CPUs and Servers
We recycle all desktop computers, all-in-one computers and servers from industry, commercial business and residential applications.
Laptops, Notebooks and Tablets
All of your portable computing devices (including iPads) can be recycled to make the next generation of products.
Monitors and Televisions
Computer monitors and televsions (including LCD and old CRT models) need to be recycled safely. Monitors may include materials that are hazardous if not properly disposed of.
This includes combination printers and stand alone printers, fax machines, scanners and copiers.
Computer Accessories
Any products related to the use of your computers. This includes computer mice, keyboards, cables and speakers.
We will accept most electronic equipment. If you have any questions about a product to be recycled please contact us.

Have something to recycle?