Data Destruction

Why is Data Destruction important?

100% Protection

Even if you erase files from your computer before recycling they can still be recovered. Information gets deleted from your view on the computer but that information is still stored on your hard drive. Even with programs designed to fully eliminate data from your hard drive there are experts who can use mathematical formulas to retrieve that data. Your personal information can be used in many different ways in today’s technological world most of which can be devastating to you. We provide the best processes designed to make sure that your information cannot fall into the wrong hands

Physical Destruction

Recycled hard drives are destroyed physically by our hard drive shredding machine. The shredding machine reduces hard drives into centimeter sized pieces rendering the hard drive unusable and fully ready to be recycled!

Our Guarantee

Hi Tech Recyclers offers Certificates of Destruction upon request.  Certificates will be sent out once your data has been destroyed.

Watch the Process